Diary of Day One and Two

I hope everyone is enjoying their Professional Experience so far, I know I am. I am really lucky everyone has been so welcoming, it’s really lovely. All three of my mentors have been great so far! They have given me support and allow me access to all of their resources so it is fantastic; now to talk about my first two days.

Day One:

My first lesson kicked off at 8 o’clock, I was a little worried because this gave me no time to find where I was going or know what my mentor looked like (I have three mentors and I had emailed all of them but had not seen them face-to-face). I got out of my car and obviously being a new face to the school my mentor new it was me straight away so that was great. So for the first three lessons on the Monday morning I had year 12 triple Drama, the kids are learning about Realism and I found some cool ideas to learn the theory of this so it is not boring for the kids.

My next lesson was after morning tea and it was year 8 English. The students have been doing Gothic Literature and were analysing the movie ‘Edward Scissorhands’, luckily I had to watch that it grade 8 drama when I was in high school so I could vaguely remember it. The students were to write a short persuasive piece about the play, including an introduction, two body paragraphs and a conclusion.

One of my mentors had a music lesson in period five and he asked if I wanted to join, just to see something different. I had never been in a music class as my high school did not offer music. I found it really interesting, the students are composing their own piece of music and the school has installed a computer program in which they can write their music on. It was so cool!

My sixth lesson of the day was year 10 English, which another Prac student from USQ ran as he had two catch-up days to make because his Prac fell when there was two public holidays. So I sat with my mentor and took some notes down from my fellow Prac peer. The students are looking at symbolism in Shakespeare, in particular the adapted movies ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ and ‘Taming of the Shrew’, I actually studied these texts last year in one of my literature classes so that was helpful!

My final two lessons of the day was year 12 English, they have been working on the Shakespeare play ‘Macbeth’. When I was in grade 12 my school chose to study ‘Hamlet’ as opposed to ‘Macbeth’ so of the Shakespeare plays it is one of my least familiar. In this class we watch an adaptation of ‘Macbeth’ done by the BBC called ‘ShakespeaRe-Told Macbeth‘ it was really interesting and it meant I could pick up the story of ‘Macbeth’ quite easily.

That concluded my first day, as you can see it was a huge day and that night I had to plan a lesson as well as finish an assignment. Thankfully I got all of that done!!

Day Two:

Tuesday saw my morning start at 8 o’clock again for double year 12 English. The students discussed the movie we watched on Monday and then looked heavily at themes in ‘Macbeth’ in preparation of their upcoming exam which is a short story.

Lesson three I was with year 8 English and they continued to work on typing their persuasive piece on ‘Edward Scissorhands’.

Following morning tea I had the year 8’s for English again but I completely taught this lesson. We looked at settings in the movie ‘Edward Scissorhands‘, similarities and differences between settings and how this reflected the characters in the movie. I feel the lesson went really well, all the students worked productively and were well behaved.

That was my last lesson for the day; I spent the rest of time until lunch with the IT guy getting my laptop and iPad on the school internet so that is sorted.

For the rest of my time after lunch until 4 o’clock I sat with one of my mentors discussing which of her classes I would teach and the differing abilities and needs of the students in these classes.

That concluded day two.

I noted that Amanda Jeffries wrote a post called ‘2 Days Down, 13 More to Go!’ and listed some ICT sites that she will be using, so I will definitely have to check that out.


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